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Name:Prisma City Gym
Posting Access:All Members
This is a judgement-free one-a-day art community,
designed with the intent to allow anyone
from any level of talent and any form of expression
to be encouraged to create something every day
for the purpose of continual self-improvement.
Whether you draw, write, photograph, mod, compose music, or anything else,
creating something every day on a regular basis,
no matter how simple or small or unfinished it may be,
is the most surefire way to improve your art,
and having a community of people to encourage doing so every day
is a good way to keep up motivation for this!

As previously stated, this community is open to any form of art, and any level of talent.
Any content is also allowed, although it would be appreciated to put adult and/or fetish art under a cut!

Happy training <3

(Also, the max width for images to fit in the layout is 750px! Please put your image under a cut or make a click through link if it's too big.)

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